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1952 Porsche 356 Pre A Coupe bent window in Radium Green with blue interior.

1953 Porsche 356 Pre A Cabriolet in Light Gray with blue interior.

1956 Porsche 356 Speedster Outlaw in Black with red interior.

1964 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet in Slate Gray with red interior.

1965 Porsche 356 C Coupe in Ruby Red with black interior.

1965 Porsche 911 Coupe in Polo Red with black interior (Pepita)

1965 Porsche 911 Coupe in Aga Blue with red interior.

1967 Porsche 911 S Coupe in Signal Yellow with black interior.

1970 Porsche 911 E Coupe in Tangerine with black interior (Pepita)

1970 Porsche 911 E Coupe Outlaw in Oslo Blue with red interior (Pepita)

1972 Porsche 911 T Targa 2.4 in Metallic Blue with black interior (Recaro Sport seats)

1973 Porsche 911T CIS Coupe in Silver with red interior.

1979 Porsche 911 SC Coupe in Metallic Light Blue with blue interior.