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1967 Porsche 911S Twin Plug

Restored by CarparcUSA in 2011
Silver Metallic with blue leatherette interior
Very early 911S

Asking $229,500

We currently have for sale an extremely early and rare 911S, so early in fact it’s considered one of very few 1966 Porsche 911S models built, with a completion date of September 12, 1966. Every year, after summer vacation, Porsche would start production of the next model year. In this case, it was the model year 1967 and the first 911S cars began rolling off the line. This particular car came very highly optioned with Silver Metallic paint (rare) and medium blue leather interior (including door panels, rear parcel shelf, quarter panels). Per the Kardex/COA, the car was optioned with the following; Webasto Gasoline Heater, Loudspeaker, Catacolor Tinted Glass All Around, Electric Heated Rear Windshield, Rear Window Washer, Tool Bag and Outside Temperature Gauge.

If I were a Porsche (we can all dream right?) I would have wanted to have been owned by the previous owners of this 1967 Porsche 911S. It’s not often you get a multi-owner car with as many meticulous and borderline obsessive owners and when you do, that’s the car you buy!

Not much is known about the original owner but he bought the car through the dealership Schultz in Düsseldorf in 1967 and supposedly put 60,000 km’s on the odometer before selling it to a young college student in California.  That student’s name was Daniel Shanahan and he first took delivery of the car in 1970. It was a Silver Metallic 1967 Porsche 911S with special order medium blue leather. Per the Kardex/COA, the car was optioned extremely well; Webasto Gasoline Heater, Loudspeaker, Catacolor Tinted Glass All Around, Electric Heated Rear Windshield, Rear Window Washer, Tool Bag and Outside Temperature Gauge.  At the time, Porsche hadn’t perfected the clear coat on metallic colored cars and very few were produced, making this a very rare color combination. The medium blue leather had to be special ordered and covered the entire interior of the car including the door panels, quarter panels and rear parcel shelf.

Being a poor college student, Daniel Shanahan decided to sell the car in 1970 to Paul Gilmore. Paul Gilmore would trade Daniel his fully loaded (air-conditioning, AM-FM radio, electric sliding sunroof) 1964 Porsche 356 SC plus $2,000 cash for the 67S. Dr.Paul Gilmore was a geologist in Tuscon and took great responsibility in his 34-year tenure with the car. In the first 8 years of his ownership, he spent $9,397.85 on maintenance and we have all the receipts to prove it. Over 50 years of ownership history have been neatly organized into three enormous binders packed with maintenance receipts, parts receipts, insurance documentation and various correspondence between past owners. This is the most organized, neurotic and detail-oriented history of a car we have ever received….the wiper blades were replaced in 1975…we have the paperwork to prove it! Paul Gilmore absolutely loved the car and during his 34 years of ownership put over 74,000 miles on it. An appraisal was done just before Dr.Gilmore sold it in 2004 and it was given a 2.5 on a scale of 1-6, 1 being Concours and 6 a parts car. Needless to say, he took great care of the car. 

The next owner, Fritz Ficke, an extremely active and informed member on the early911sregistry.com, also a Tucson resident, purchased the car from Paul in February of 2004. He kept up with the meticulous record-keeping and drove the car for another 6-7 years. The car was then sold to a local Los Angeles resident and subsequently to us. We then sold the car to a Mr.H Jansen from the Netherlands. Mr. H. Jansen decided to commission a full bare metal Concours restoration by CarparcUSA in 2011. The car had been in Arizona the past 30+ years and was as dry and rust-free as they come. It was matching numbers with all the original stamped body panels. The very early engine had the original Weber 40 IDA carburetors, which only accompanied the earliest “S” engines and can be identified by an “S” stamping Porsche added. 

For the restoration, the car was disassembled and extensively photographed. The car was then media blasted and only a small amount of rust needed to be repaired. Using Glasurit paint, it was painted the original color Silver Metallic (a very difficult color to get right). The engine compartment, luggage compartment, bottom, inside fenders and inside of doors were all painted with a specially blended undercoating to replicate the factory finish. The dash was painted satin black and Würth Wax oil was applied to all hollow sections of the car for added rust protection. The interior was completely reupholstered by a specialized shop in Southern California and installed by CarparcUSA. The engine was completely dismantled and chemically cleaned. A previous owner had elected for a twin-plug conversion and the current owner decided to keep this spec. We rebuilt the twin-plug motor with a distributor built by Rennworks in Camarillo, California. This was later changed to an electronic ignition by an ignition specialist in Europe. The magnafluxed crankshaft including the flywheel and clutch were balanced. New pistons, rings, bearings, valves, valve guides, valve seats, timing chains, guides and tensioners, seals, oil hoses and sensors were installed. Stainless steel heat exchangers were installed along with a new exhaust muffler. New oil hoses were installed and the oil reservoir was chemically cleaned. A new clutch plate, cover and release bearing were installed. Engine tin was powder-coated black. The transmission was disassembled, chemically cleaned and fully rebuilt. The suspension was powder-coated black; A-arms, trailing arms, subframe etc. The steering rack and pinion were rebuilt. New ball joints, tie rod ends, control arm bushings etc. etc. New shock absorbers and inner/outer wheels bearings. The brake calipers were rebuilt and new solid and flexible brake lines installed. New vented rotors, brakes and tires. 

After we completed the restoration in 2011, the car was shipped to the owner in the Netherlands. He enjoyed the car for many years putting only 3,750 miles on the car. Before selling the car, the owner told us he would have kept it forever but he was moving and needed to consolidate his collection. We of course jumped at the opportunity to own the car again and had it shipped back to our showroom in Costa Mesa, California where it is currently for sale. 

What makes this car so special is the culmination of vehicle history, ownership, color combination, special options and being a very early S. Some of the features that make this car unique are the Silver Metallic paint, full medium blue leather, wooden steering wheel, outside temperature gauge, rear wiper and heated rear windshield with vertical (rare) defrost lines/wires. For reasons unknown to us, when the original owner purchased the car in 1967 he had the dealership install 4.5 in steelies. In 1972 Paul Gilmore replaced those with a set of 6×15 in. (deep six) Fuchs from Sports N’ Imports in Tucson for $359.00 (a sound investment if you ask us!). Sport seats were also added during the restoration but the original seats (lightly used) will be included with purchase. It’s not often a highly optioned 911S like this comes up for sale in such a spectacular color combination and is ready to be enjoyed immediately. It will make a great addition to any collection. 

The car comes with original seats (reupholstered), 6×15 in. Fuchs spare, tool kit, owners manual, Kardex, COA and three overflowing binders of service/owner history. Original pictures of the car from the late ’60s and early ’70s will also be included. 

To further accommodate our international clients we can provide world wide shipping at owner’s expense. We speak English, German, Dutch and French.